View your schedule

Agents are always up-to-date on their shift schedule and are able to view all the shift information, start and end times, breaks, meals and activities. The Komyunity mobile app provides secure access to the contact center schedule through the agent’s mobile phone.

Manage preferences

Managing preferences can be a tedious task as agents change their preferences to manage their work-life balance. The Komyunity mobile app allows agents to change their preferences easily and from anywhere.

Request time off

Requesting time off is probably the most important process to your agents. And a challenging task for your planning team. When managed through the Komyunity mobile app, this process is greatly optimize.

Trade a shift

The ability to trade a shift gives your workforce more flexibility in managing their working hours and manage last minute changes. The Komyunity mobile app removes trading complexity and puts employees in control of their schedule.


Komyunity allows agents to stay informed of the latest changes to their schedule and time off requests.