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BrightContact helps clients architect and implement change through management consulting services. By supporting our clients in improving customer contact strategies, channel optimization, operational advice, business case development and KPI optimization.

BrightContact provides services to help translate business models into contact center initiatives and solutions, that improve the customer care experience.

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Genesys develops cloud-based and on-premises contact center software. BrightContact is a reseller and service provider of these key company products such as Intelligent Voice Response system and Call Center Modernization software, like Intelligent Workflow Distribution. Genesys is also known for its Workforce Optimization suite, an integrated workforce management system. Together with BrightContact, Genesys helps its customers to implement new and expand existing Genesys solutions.

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Verint is the customer engagement company.  That means Verint help organizations simplify and modernize customer engagement through their market-leading cloud and hybrid solutions.  In fact, Verint has one of the broadest portfolios of customer engagement solutions available today. Verint leverage the latest in artificial intelligence and advanced analytics technology to help unlock the potential of automation and intelligence to drive real business impact across your organization.

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ANKA Advanced Technology Solutions Inc. was established in 2017 to provide Advanced ICT & CX solutions for the enterprises and doing Research and Development. 20+ years of experience in Telco, IT and Contact Center industries. ANKA have taken charge in over 40+ contact center projects.As an established technology-intensive company, ANKA prides themselves on providing a comprehensive suite of solutions comprising of infrastructure consultancy, on/offsite services, custom software development, and enterprise architecture consulting.

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