Empower your workforce with the Komyunity app

Provide your workforce with all the great functionalities of your Genesys Workforce Management Solution, on a mobile app for agents!

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile and employees expect tools that meet their on-the-go, hyperconnected lifestyle. Imagine if your agents could use their mobile device to trade shifts, request time off or report late or sick without the need to exchange emails or phone calls with their supervisors.

Komyunity can help you to bring greater efficiency and employee satisfaction to the workplace. This is a mobile app that can transform your employees work lives for the better!

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Always up-to-date

Automatic updates to agents WFM schedules and displays real-time schedule information. They also receive schedule reminders – great for schedule adherence

Intra-day benefits

Allow your WFM Planners to focus on coaching their team instead of manually updating the schedule with changes that could be done automatically

Ease of use

Designed from the user’s perspective is what makes this app intuitive and gives a knockout user experience

Informative notifications

Komyunity has free-format and WFM notifications, with the option to push real-time notifications to the Genesys Desktop

Enjoy a perfect work-life balance

Offer your workforce the ultimate flexibility.  Helping them to unlock the perfect balance between family, work and play.

Improve your customer experience

Highly engaged agents deliver better customer experiences.  As the face of your organization, your agent is responsible for the customer experience

“The Komyunity app gives me so much flexibility in how and when I like to work”

Employee at Rabobank