Agent Empowerment – the new contact center topic

24 Sep 2018 | Blog

Komyunity allows agents to stay informed of the latest changes to their schedule and timeoff requests.

Next to customer satisfaction, employee empowerment is becoming a main trend in the contact center domain and a common theme in management conversations. Empowering employees is a concept that can be defined in many ways, but it more commonly refers to giving your staff a certain amount of responsibility and management over their specific tasks. It is key in increasing your agent’s happiness and retention, decreasing sickness and improving customer satisfaction. It is a balance between employee empowerment and planning. By using Komyunity agents are able to influence their working times and allows them to be a part of the scheduling process from setting preferences to shift trades and requesting time-off.Empowered employees are more loyal, committed and reliable.How does empowerment work in the call centre and what are the risks?Some call centre managers still tremble with fear when they think of giving their agents autonomy. In truth, your agents understand many problems facing the contact center and how their way of working can affect the company brand and results.For empowerment to be successful in your contact center, your agents should have the knowledge they require for their role and a level of autonomy and control. With this combination, knowledge and control, you will create an effective and engaged workforce.There are degrees of risk that comes with empowerment, however if this is managed properly, the correct processes that suit your company’s goals are in place and you have the right tool, then empowerment is not as scary as it sounds.That is where Komyunity can help. The right tool is now available!