Does your workforce management solution reduce the stress of intraday administration?

3 Oct 2018 | Blog

Most Contact Center Managers will build a new schedule daily.  However, this schedule is usually disrupted by day to day things like agents calling in sick, arriving late or going home in the middle of the day.

Contact Center Managers are responsible for so much more than just the schedule.  They have to make sure their team meets their targets, be a mentor, and ensure the smooth operation of the contact center.  If they also have to manage the schedule on an intraday level their job can become very stressful.

Alleviate some of that stress and give them a solution that helps them with intraday administration.   The Komyunity Mobile Workforce Engagement Solution automatically updates agents WFM schedules. Letting Managers focus on coaching their team instead of manually changing the schedule.

Contact us now to find out how Komyunity can help with your intra-day administration.