Increase in shift swaps due to COVID-19

8 Jul 2020 | Blog

Komyunity has seen a large increase in usage of WFM Self-Service Scheduling to accommodate rapid shift-swap and extra hours due to COVID-19.

 Komyunity, the mobile workforce management app that enables scheduling flexibility has empowered agents to self-schedule as contact centers move to home working environments.  Allowing the agents to help the contact centers need to deal with the increased volume of calls, in the race to respond to the consumer interaction surge.

Komyunity is seeing a significant uptake in agents adapting their contact center schedules in response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Agents are highly engaged in helping their contact centers rapidly meet the unprecedented change in demand by using Komyunity’s mobile WFM app. Komyunity provides agents with exceptional scheduling flexibility while simultaneously improving staffing levels and increasing productivity. As a result, organizations using Komyunity are showing increases in average daily self-service schedule change rates as high as 180%, addressing the fluctuating staffing needs as employees move to remote working environments due to COVID-19. This trend is being seen across multiple verticals.

In addition to changing their schedules to be available for their contact center, agents also relied heavily on the flexible self-scheduling capabilities such as the automated shift-swap functionality, which increased by 80%. The automated shift-swap has enabled optimized staffing levels by allowing agents to instantly change shifts within the same day or for different days while maintaining their working hours.

As self-service scheduling usage increased across many verticals, specific industries demonstrated exceptional elasticity in staffing responsiveness. In the banking industry, agent initiated shift-swaps increased by almost 300%.

With Komyunity and your existing Genesys Workforce Management solution, organizations can offer their workforce the ultimate flexibility: helping them to unlock the perfect balance between family, work, and play.

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