Is your workforce management solution blocking your workforce engagement strategy?

3 Sep 2018 | Blog

Is your workforce engagement strategy to have an environment where your employees are engaged, have increased levels of productivity and to have a higher retention rate of your top talent?

To do that, you need a tool that gives your employees an increased sense of well-being.  Does your WFM solution allow your employees to influence their own schedule, and be able to control their work-life balance?

Most employees consider schedule-change empowerment more important than opportunities for pay or career advancement.

After in-depth interviews with employees, it has been found that for an employee to feel engaged, they had to:

  • Feel valued, trusted and respected
  • Feel secure and self-confident
  • Influence their working hours (work-life balance)

In other words, the more an employee feels part of a community, the more likely it is that they are engaged with what they do.

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