Keeping track of sickness and late agents has never been easier

24 Jan 2018 | Blog

Keeping track of sickness and late agents has never been easier.

One of the most challenging and recurring tasks in a contact center, is ensuring that enough agents are available to handle your call volume throughout the day. Overstaffing causes unnecessary costs, while understaffing creates customer service nightmares.

It’s important to be able to register sickness absence in your WFM solution to monitor the engagement and wellbeing of employees, but you want to do this without adding to the many other jobs that a contact center manager already has. By allowing the agent to enter lateness or sickness into their own schedule will reduce the amount of manual intraday scheduling changes performed by supervisors and contact center managers.

With a Komyunity its easy! Komyunity gives you these benefits:

  • Your contact center operations team have immediate insights into the absence of your agents.
  • If an employee is late, your WFM operations team knows immediately it is because the agent is only late, and not sick.
  • In case of sickness, your WFM operations team can take corrective scheduling actions to reduce the impact on your service levels. A key advantage is the significant reduction in administrative work regarding absence administration.
  • Many companies require absence being reported via a central HR desk. With Komyunity your agents will have the ability to contact the central HR helpdesk directly from their mobile app without having to remember phone-numbers and email addresses.

Reporting lateness and sickness directly into your Workforce Management solution via Komyunity gives your contact center operations team real-time awareness about absences within their workforce. It is no longer a manual administrative process and therefore, is easier, faster, cheaper and reduces stress.