Mobile Apps for Agents

17 Jan 2020 | Blog

Some things just go together like peanut butter and jelly, and millennials and smartphones.

Obviously, millennials are not the only generation with a love for mobile devices, but as the most prominent generation in the contact center workforce, they have the power to create change in the workplace and are prepared to switch jobs to get what they want. But what is it they want? Millennials consider their smartphones to be an integral part of their daily personal lives and they want to be able to use the same device to manage their work lives.

So how can your contact center use mobile devices to improve employee engagement?

By allowing your agents to self-manage parts of the scheduling process via a mobile app not only makes their lives easier, but it also engages agents by giving them the control to make changes when it’s most convenient and provides an experience that they’ve come to expect from the apps they use in their personal lives.

Unplanned no-shows are a real problem in the contact center, and most agents admit that it is easier to not show up than to request a time-off or trade a shift.  But what if you gave them a tool that gives them the ability to trade or request time-off?

Komyunity allows agents to view their own schedules, see other agents’ schedules (to trade with), view time-off limits before requesting time-off, and they can define the time periods when they’d like to work, along with many other functions.  Trading a shift or requesting time-off is made quick and simple with the Komyunity app, so agents are more likely to trade or take time-off instead of not showing up for work.

Providing agents with the autonomy to make simple schedule-related tasks on their own demonstrates a level of trust that has a positive impact on employee satisfaction and engagement.