The key actions to successful employee engagement

2 Jun 2018 | Blog

Maintaining optimal staffing while accommodating an employee’s personal needs, such as flexibility, has always been a delicate balancing act. Here are some tips to improve your employee engagement.

Offer more flexibility: By giving your employees scheduling flexibility, you can help reduce absenteeism and attrition. If they have more personalized scheduling and the ability to change and control their own schedules, it will make scheduling more efficient and can even help with better coverage.

Improve communication: Help build trust within the contact centre by improving communications. Notifications of schedule changes and free-format messaging between agents and supervisors can engage employees that are more empowered to do their job.

Automate time-consuming tasks: Take away inefficient manual processes and allow your intraday planners to concentrate on more important tasks. Engage your employees by taking away the monotony and help reduce the risk or errors due to boredom.

Giving your employees autonomy: There are benefits to giving your agents more autonomy. Firstly, it frees up planners from time-consuming manual tasks, and it also gives your agents a sense of ownership, which leads to higher engagement levels and productivity.

With the Komyunity Mobile Workforce Engagement Solution, agents can now influence their schedule straight from their smartphone.  Improving agents work-life balance, and making sure staffing is not affected. A win-win!

Komyunity is the right tool to help you succeed with your Employee Engagement strategy. Please contact us to find out more.