Does your WFM solution empower and engage your agents?

24 Jan 2018 | Blog

Does your WFM solution empower and engage your agents?

Employee Engagement in the contact center depends on many things, from the quality of the chair they sit in, to the applications you provide them to do their work. But let’s not overlook that a very important element in the day to day life of a contact center agent is their schedule and their ability to influence that. The workforce schedule has enormous impact on your agents, that goes way beyond what time they start their shift or take their 1st break.

Obviously, you want your agents to deliver great customer experiences when they are at work, but don’t forget your agents do have a personal life. Every day they try to balance their jobs with their social activities, raising their children and managing their precious time. But unlike your call volumes and average handle times, their lives are a bit harder to forecast.

Allowing your agents to have an influence on their schedule, will greatly help you increase employee engagement. Many workforce management applications have some form of ‘agent self service capability’ where agents can see their schedule or request a day off. However, almost all the time this option is not available outside the contact center, which does not allow your agent to swap a shift to attend that last minute social event, or to let you know that they are stuck in traffic and will be late.

What if you could give your agents access to their schedules outside the walls of the contact center? Using a mobile device that, let’s be honest, your entire workforce almost certainly already has.

With Komyunity, your agents can:

  • View their schedule from anywhere at any time they want
  • Define their schedule preferences
  • Request time off and see the status of their request
  • Offer a shift to trade and respond to trade offers
  • Report in sick or report in late

Komyunity will not only be greatly appreciated by your agents, but there are many benefits for the operations team as well. Komyunity gives the agent the empowerment they need to improve their work-life balance and at the same time improving and streamlining the management of your contact center.